Monday, June 13, 2011

Tea 101

According to iVillage there are numerous benefits from tea. I always knew that tea was a much better option than coffee (tear, tear...), and the go-to drink when I'm sick. But I've never quite liked the taste. I LOVE iced tea, but hot tea, not so much. Only if I add lots of milk and sugar. Mmmm. :)

But after reading this article, I think I may switch up my daily Starbucks coffee to tea instead.

Here are all the benefits:

1. contains awesome cancer fighting antioxidants

2. it's way lower in caffeine than coffee

3. it may help to reduce the risk of heart attack & stroke!

4. helps protect our bones

5. creates healthier teeth & gums

6. helps our immune system

7. it's calorie free, so no guilt!
8. green tea helps increase the body's metabolism {sweet right?!}

So, grab some tea & sugar!

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Caren said...

Green tea is super for you due to the antioxidants. Take fresh rosemary soak in cold or hot water excellent for bloating and excess gas....

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