Saturday, June 4, 2011

The fruits you want to eat



Did you know that eating a grapefruit before a meal will fill you up quicker? Grapefruits have tons of soluble fiber which will keep you full longer, and it is rich in Vitamin C, so you'll be helping your immune system as well!


Watermelon is so delicious and mostly water, so you can eat a lot of it {which i like}! The water in the watermelon will increase urination, which will decrease bloating {that's always good right!?}. AND this fruit has tons of cancer fighting antioxidants, so eat up!


 Blueberries, Blackberries, Rasberries, Bosenberries, Strawberries - all are delicious and oh so sweet. These berries help reduce the risk of cancer, and the Vitamin A in them helps strengthen vision. So, instead of grabbing for a bowl of icecream, grab for these berries instead, they will satisfy your sweet tooth and won't leave you feeling guilty. Add some zero calorie sugar on top, and you got yourself a sweet dessert :)

Note: All fruits have lots of sugar, so be careful on how much you consume. The good thing is it's a natural sugar, which the body prefers much more than refined.

Eat up!
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